Sometimes words are not important it just is.  Father’s day came and went yet another day to feel the huge void and feel deeply grateful in equal measure.   I shared the following thoughts with my close friends who like me are members of the fatherless club..

Thinking of you as we mark yet another father’s day and feel the absence of our precious Dads. 

But for us father’s day is everyday as our father’s are tucked away in our hearts.

We are blessed to have this beautiful connection with them. Enough said, you know.  

Sending you much love.

Finding it hard to make sense of my emotions and to find the words that come close to  what I feel I searched and found this gem which I will also share here.

Happy Father’s Day

I was not sure what to get you

On this very special day
So I decided to write this poem from my heart
I have some things I need to say:

I would first like to thank you,
For never giving up on me.
You pushed me when I needed it
And through your eyes I’ve learned to see

We cannot give up when times are tough
We’ve got to learn to lose before we can win
And if I shall ever fall
I know I will always get back up again

Thanks to you, I hold my head high
And carry myself with pride
Thanks to you, I am somebody
Who will never run and hide

Through you I’ve learned to face my fears
And take each day as it comes
You cannot take anything with you when you’re gone
What’s done is done

You lead by example
And because of you, I’ve learned a lot
Thanks to all the dedication that you have demonstrated
And the many many times that you have fought

You have fought for our existence
You have fought for everyone in your life
Never have I seen you give up
And thus in me you’ve instilled the fight

Never will I back down
For what I think is right
You’ve given me the will and determination
You’ve given me the might

To learn how to stand up
And learn to take a fall
But most of all, dad
I’ve learned you will never stop loving me at all

By Elisa Garcia

Though words are not important sometimes something needs to be said.

If you or someone close to you is feeling the ache of the loss of someone you loved dearly please don’t give up on them or on yourself. One day at a time.. they can hear you.

Wishing you much love and peace.

©DMP. 17th June 2019.