“The sands of time will never wash away the love that I have for you. Your sweet memory will remain forever in my heart.”Louise Hay

It will be my dad’s 8th anniversary in 8 days time on 30th December 2021.  8 years since he passed away but the words he passed away sounds wrong and even more wrong are words like dead, died or death. My dad transitioned into another form, I prefer that to saying he died.

My dad is very much ‘alive’ and well in me, and in how I live my life.  Countless times a day I do something, say something or I make a decision which connects and goes back to my relationship with my father. Many know me through him and many know him through me. 

Why must I feel sad that it is 8 years since my father transitioned? This is a bold observation on my part. If he had lived his physical  life and his quality of life would have been severely compromised. The body perished this means his soul is free, I appreciate some may disagree with my view here as there is no scientific or  concrete proof to support this point of view but I stand by my statement. My dad is with me and will be for as long as I am.

If you are missing a special person in your life check in with yourself and make a list of the number of times you said something, did something or wondered what they would advise you to do.  As you go about your business of living today you will feel they are WITH YOU.


22nd December, 2021