This is a song written and sung by the famous singer Judith Owen.
A very kind gentleman heard this song and thought of me. He went out of his way to present me with a CD with just this track and he even typed the lyrics. I was struck by his kindness. When I heard the song I felt as though it was composed just for me. For those of you who were lucky like me you may find some here are the words.

words and music composed by Judith Owen

“oh my father’s voice was a very special thing
and when I went to sleep
I knew I’d wake to hear him sing
and every morning when he’d warm up
there was hope that it would bring
in the joy in his face
when he reached that hallowed place
and I made my choice
I chose my father’s voice

oh my father’s voice was a very special thing
and in our house of mirrors
there was safety it would bring
and the clouds above my bedroom
they would part, and show me spring
and my pride reached it’s fill
and my sadness lost it’s will
and I had no choice
but to choose my father’s voice

oh my father’s voice is still a very special thing
yet he doesn’t seem to understand
the pleasure that it brings
to all my friends, who love him
when he sings old Chritsmas hymns
and I’m proud and I’m pleased
that through him, they must see me
I’m the acorn, he’s the oak
heart strung girl, heartfelt bloke
oh I had no choice
I am my father’s voice”