Hello human, thank you for joining me and for reading my first blog, a dog’s perspective on life. 

In just a few days time I will have been with my DMP for a year.  I think it’s a good time to share with the world how life is for me, you know, humans think dogs like me have no opinions.  Quite the contrary is true.  I am no ordinary dog, I am a pedigree German Shepherd puppy, and I do have very strong opinions yet I am super cool at the same time.

I would say to those reading my post, I know it is unusual for a dog to use human ways of communicating, but let’s face it, you humans aren’t as intelligent as my breed. I can communicate in your language but you can’t even communicate fully in your language with other humans. I don’t mean to be unkind to you humans but it boggles the mind how you miss the obvious subtle signs such as body language, the movement of eyebrows, and ears, these are all telling a story if you care to notice.

Today, I went for a long walk after DMP finished work and it got me thinking how it is almost a year since I came to my new home. I have to say my DMP is not bad she has got better walking with me. I sense she respects and sometimes may even adores me regardless, we are now beginning to enjoy our walks together which in my book is definitely a good thing.  It has taken a great deal of patience on my part to ensure she gets the right training. Not easy as you can imagine.  She is an interesting character and really cares for me. I mean I have a bed in every room of our home I know I am lucky with material abundance but truth be told, I am happy to sleep by her bed on the wooden floor that is where I feel cool, safe and comfortable.  She doesn’t need to keep buying things for me but I am not going to tell her not to,  as I like to be treated like the crown prince. Actually, I will tell you a top secret,  my name is Oscar Patel but my pet name is HRH!  I am HRH, you can tell when you meet me, I’m handsome and regal.  Heads turn when I am walking, it is thanks to me that people notice DMP when I am walking with her.

So how do I feel about my human companion, well she’s pretty cool and a bit of a hermit, stubborn and strong. I like her in fact, I think I may even have strong feelings like ‘love’ but I don’t want to say that yet as it is early days.   I remember my journey to my new home when I was put in the back of the car after saying goodbye to my mum, sister, and my original human family. I was distraught in fact horrified, why was I being kidnapped? I cried all the way through as it was a very hot afternoon and the traffic was horrendous. When we got to what is my new home this new human who I now know is my human companion carried me out of the car. I was annoyed by the kidnapping, and I didn’t eat that day. I ran into the back garden and decided to sit under a bench. I now know that bench belongs to DMP’s dad.  It is still my favourite place to sit and ponder.

A year on, I have to say, my life is pretty good. Bless her, she tries her best to make sure I am comfortable but sometimes, I think she is a pretty good pretender, I like that about her. Now that we are together we make a dream team I fancy us as Rex and Hudson.  The formidable duo.  Well, that’s all from me for now. Watch this space for more blogs from me, until next time have a good life humans and try to learn from us dogs. Your life will be much better if you do.  I will leave you with a handsome photo of me, yes, I know I’m a stunner, what to do I AM HOT. 

© Oscar Patel (A German Shepherd puppy, age 1 year and 1 month)

NOTE: This is a guest blog from Oscar, I am not responsible for any opinions expressed by him. Best wishes, DMP.