18th March 2021 6.30am

It is almost a year since we realised we were heading for a turbulent time but the enormity of what was to come was so unknown.  As we approach 23rd March 2021 Reflection day  I  say THANK YOU TO GOD.


1. Helping me and those around me survive the past year.

2. Helping the leaders, politicians, the medics and the key workers for keeping going against the tide.

3. The kindness of strangers and friends. The goodness of humanity.

4. Making me realise that life is perfect as it is and I have everything I need.

5. The many wonderful moments and the painful moments. Through this I am reminded life is not a straight line.

6. For work, colleagues, friends and family, and the visible and invisible support from the universe.

One year of strange happenings which will leave an indelible mark on many of us. God, thank you for helping us through this turbulent year.  We reach this point more aware, more strong and more caring. Hopefully, we know what really matters.

It’s love and the little things around us that lifts our soul. The friendly touch and a kind smile can make a difference.

Like wounded  soldiers with bandages we keep marching forward. If we are here it means there’s much good to be done.

Let’s not let the last year go to waste this is a second chance to care more for our planet and for each other.  

Let us help those grieving the loss of a loved one and the loss of the life they once new.  We have to be in it together otherwise what is the point of all this?