It’s been on my mind to post a blog only I needed some headspace to stand back and reflect on my journey since my Dad’s death. I’m reflecting with a sense of gratitude.

Love does not have a best before date. It just is. My relationship with my Dad is the same. He still inspires me to raise my game and he’s still proud of me. I just know.

Over and over we all will have felt a sense of being broken on the shore of life. Our pride may take a bashing and our vulnerability is put display but so what? When we are going through pain, we may want to give up hope and give in to despair but many a brave souls have gone on this journey before us so we can take heart from their journey.

We have within us the resilience which comes from the strength of our deep love between us and our departed loved one and between us and the universe.

To walk through the fog of grief and to not give in to despair is a challenge. Rumi’s words offer some comfort.

“Drum sounds rise on the air,
and with them my heart.
A voice inside the beat says,
I know you are tired,
but come.
This is the way.”

Even when you feel you are breaking into pieces believe you’ll make it like many pilgrims before you. Never give up your love is previous and this will keep you strong. Instead allow your heart to be open, break open and you’ll gain an understanding that will lead you to feel free and grow into a more compassionate being.

I won’t say it’s easy but there is hope. Love is eternal it is not restricted by form. We feel its power and we know.

My father was a liberated soul. Despite many obstacles in life and he had more than his fair share he never used that as an excuse. He kept going and so must I.

So, to those on a similar journey please keep going. Hope and just be. Be kind to your soul.
Peace be with you.
23rd August 2018